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Kim Kardashian Weds What’s-His-Name

Aren’t we all excited about Kim Kardashian’s wedding? Nope…nada…shoot me in the head! She is a classic example of someone who is famous for almost being famous. No discernible skills or talents other than…getting dressed? Her wedding was a glitzy … Continue reading

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Woman Faked Cancer for Wedding Gifts

It appears this woman faked cancer to get a bunch of freebies for her wedding. She scored rings, dresses and even a honeymoon in Aruba. Her new husband was also duped and, needless to say, has filed for divorce. No … Continue reading

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Best Weird and Stupid Limericks

Oops! Some Somalia pirates, thought sly, Were caught when their attack went awry. Their target ahead Was French Navy instead. Their patch must have been on the wrong eye. Another Oops when these pilots overran their airport and had to … Continue reading

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