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Perry versus Perry

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has decided to run for President. I don’t know what’s worse, that he’s decided to run or that some peopleĀ  would actually vote for him. In case you missed it, he led Texans in a … Continue reading

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Donald Trump for President…Really?

Now we have Donald Trump making noise about running for President. Great…another self-absorbed know-it-all. At least he’s better than Sarah Palin who is a self-absorbed know-nothing. In this article he’s questioning why no one remembered BarackĀ  Obama in kindergarten. After … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning’s Treatment Shows the Real Obama

It’s hard to believe how we’re treating Bradley Manning, the man accused (but not convicted) of leaking information to Wikileaks. I can’t condone what he did but whatever happen to justice and innocent until proven guilty? The treatment of Manning … Continue reading

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Iran No Fan of Paul the Octopus

Paul the octopus of World Cup fame has a new detractor. Iranian President Amadinejad calls Paul a symbol of western decadence. Uuh…ok. Any other ridiculous assertions you’d like to make? How about the one where Iran has ‘free elections’? He … Continue reading

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