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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

What some guys will do for love is astounding…and sometimes painful. A young Iranian man decided to send his lover a message she could read over and over again. He would even deliver it right to her (ahem) doorstep. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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He Wished It Was An Oscar Meyer Weiner

Wow! Another politician taken down by the almighty penis. Is it something in the water? The fact that his name is Weiner only adds to the humor of the situation. Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught Tweeting a picture of his … Continue reading

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The Penis Problem

Let’s move away from Arnold Schwarzenegger and on to Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Another powerful man in a position of responsibility who can’t seem to manage his own penis. Where do we find these guys? How do they rise to the top … Continue reading

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TSA Will Now Check Your Package

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) does not make me feel any safer on airlines. They always introduce new security checks AFTER someone has been caught. Now they feel the need to check everyone’s underware. What happens when the next terrorist … Continue reading

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