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Kate’s Breasts Loom Large In Publishing Dispute

Poor William and Kate. Those pesky paparazzi are everywhere! Now that the whole world has seen her topless pictures (or at least those of us who care), they are trying to sue the various publishers.  “I want them jailed,” William … Continue reading

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Hell-a-Cool Helicam

Check out this cool video of a  camera mounted on a remote controlled helicopter. Excellent video footage! Imagine what a paparazzi could do with this setup. Zoom quietly (electric powered) over the target and start filming. I wonder if the … Continue reading

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Tiger to Come Out of Hiding for The Masters

Tiger’s coming back! Let the media frenzy begin. Now we get to hear everybody’s (and I mean everybody’s) opinion all over again. It’ll be fun to see the paparazzi vs. the old curmudgeons that run the Masters. I’ll put my … Continue reading

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