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Hero in San Diego Thwarts Terrorist Attack

We had the ‘stupid criminal’ earlier this week so now we move on to the ‘stupid employee’ of the month. This one goes to the flight attendant on Southwest who kicked a Muslim lady off the plane because she thought … Continue reading

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A Mosque on Every Street Corner

The issue over the proposed Muslim Cultural Center (not a Mosque) being built in New York City is a classic demonstration of fear and ignorance trying to usurp reason and the Constitution protecting freedom of religion. The purpose of the … Continue reading

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Best Weird and Stupid Limericks

Oops! Some Somalia pirates, thought sly, Were caught when their attack went awry. Their target ahead Was French Navy instead. Their patch must have been on the wrong eye. Another Oops when these pilots overran their airport and had to … Continue reading

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A Muslim Surprise package

Serves him right! Marrying a women he’s never seen because of those ridiculous head-to-toe garments.  I wonder how many other Muslim men are surprised on their wedding night. She wore a niqab. The only opening was slits for her eyes. … Continue reading

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