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Best Apple Bashing Limericks

I love bashing Apple. There is too much zealotry around this company both inside and out. The Apple faithful just love their new toys, You can tell from their pandering noise. With devotees prodigious It’s almost religious. At least they’re … Continue reading

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It’s an iPad

And the answer is…an iPad! Glad that’s finally over. Now the Apple minions can go back to the blogs and resume their online chanting. I’m not necessarily a critic but I’m just not sure who needs these things. Then again, … Continue reading

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iPhone Hangs Up AT&T

AT&T is a victim of its own success. Some iphone customers are hogging bandwidth and slowing down the network. It’s not all that surprising given the constant stream of new apps and a fixed monthly price for data. Their initial … Continue reading

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Get it ‘Amped’ Up

Now here’s an iPhone app I could have used years ago. ‘Amp Up Before You Score’ gives useful advice on how to pick-up girls. I particularly like the suggested pick-up lines as I never had a good collection of those, … Continue reading

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