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Santorum Giving God Heartburn

Thankfully, Rick Santorum looks to be out of the GOP race. Not because he’d ever win the Presidency but because every time I read about him “I want to throw up” (in his own words).  The guy is another religious … Continue reading

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Afghanistan is Done

Afghanistan deserves to be a shit-hole. Thousands of years of civilization and the best they can do is riot in the streets because someone burned their ‘holy’ book. They’re irrational, ignorant, corrupt and not worth the blood of our soldiers. … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow Plays On A Wing And A Prayer

You can’t help but be amazed by the recent success of Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos (disclaimer: I’ve been a Denver fan since I was ‘knee high to a duck’). That doesn’t mean I drank the Tebow kool-aid. Watching … Continue reading

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Does God Know About Somalia?

Why isn’t God in Somalia? They’ve been beaten down, impoverished, starved, shot, macheted and now blown up. If any country deserves some help, this is it. Of course it will never happen. God is a perennial no show. Which begs … Continue reading

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Is Jesus In Trouble With the IRS?

I love it when politicians start talking about God. It’s like a contest to see who is the most devout and can lay claim to knowing ‘the will of God’. I can’t see why God would ever need a Will … Continue reading

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God versus Religion

The results of this survey discover that atheists know more about religion than their religious counterparts. I don’t find that surprising. Atheists ask a lot of questions looking for answers. Religious people tend to avoid those same questions instead using … Continue reading

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National Limerick Day…Belated

Me, of all people, should have known that May 12th was National Limerick Day. Where’s Hallmark when you really need them? I had to learn from a friends 13 year old daughter. I have been humbled…but…let not the limerick day … Continue reading

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Goldman is Fools Gold

Goldman continues to astound with their arrogance. Between doing “God’s work” and feeble apologies for their role in the current mess, it’s all just more cheap talk as they continue to speculate with cheap tax-payer subsidized loans (TALF). It will … Continue reading

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