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The Power of the Boob

It’s been a tough week for humor. Nothing but people getting killed or stupid politicians. But after long hours of searching I’ve finally found a worthy topic…boobs! Special thanks to Denise Richards and her whining about why she regretted her … Continue reading

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Who Can Argue With a Topless Women?

Yesterday it was bellies, today it’s chests. The good news is we’re talking about women! It seems some women would prefer to go topless but laws prevent them from doing so. These same laws do not apply to men so … Continue reading

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Best Lifestyle/Entertainment Limericks

This had to be one of the stupid crimes of the year. A letter for Letterman arrives, With an extortion request inside. Threatening to make news By pandering to prudes, Stupidity and morals collide. Everybody should help save breasts! For … Continue reading

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Did She Pass the Breast Test?

Carrie Prejean, the ex-Miss California, just keeps making the news with her gaffs. Why do people who spout off about their morality always have a closet full of skeletons (or pictures, or sex tapes, or arrest records, etc). Her lawsuit … Continue reading

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