More Christmas Limericks

Here are some more Christmas limericks in keeping with the holiday season. Fun for the whole family, except maybe the last one. Enjoy!

It’s the time of the year reindeer dread
Pulling hard on that big, heavy sled.
Just once they all pine
FedEx ’em this time
And let us spend Christmas in bed.

Some elves have been working so hard
That the back of their hands become scarred.
But not a whine you will hear
When the big man is near
As they hold him in such high regard.

Mrs. Claus has a role, don’t you know,
Making cutouts and rolling the dough,
‘Cause the elves on their breaks
Need cookies and cakes
Without which they’re clumsy and slow.

When NORADs alert goes to high
They know Santa’s sleigh’s in the sky.
Though nary a trace
If troubles apace
A Fighter escort’s on standby.

One Christmas I had such a scare
Spying  Santa and Mom in our chair.
She seemed to be probing
As he was disrobing.
She’ll not find our presents down there!

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