Latest Batch of Christmas Limericks

Here is my latest batch of Christmas limericks.  Hope you enjoy!

The retailers are hoping to see
The rush of a late shopping spree
‘Cause their best Christmas joys
Are not Santa’s toys
But a bottom line fatter than he.

Christmas is a time to defuse
The discomfort from reading the news.
If the rest of the year
Could see Christmas cheer
We might be surprised what ensues.

With the last present gone from the sled
“Back home” shouted Santa and sped,
‘Cause now his new aims
Are not Reindeer games
But Mrs. Clause warming the bed.

The good food and family instill
A feeling of peace and goodwill.
But for all your good cheer
To last through the year
Will depend on your credit card bill.


Christmas Merry

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