Halloween And Zombies Were Made For Each Other

I’ve been trying to watch the new zombie show ‘Walking Dead’ on AMC. It’s pretty realistic as far as zombie movies go but the pace is a little slow (kind of like the zombies themselves). Too much character development. I’m not usually opposed to this but with thirteen episodes this season, it seems to be moving at a glacial pace…made even worse by the incessant commercials. Someone should turn zombies loose on the producers!

With an uncanny knack for survival
Seems Zombies are in a revival,
While they look decomposing
Their show’s presupposing
Success, though they’re ‘dead on arrival’.

Here are some extra limericks for Halloween. This is one of my favorite holidays. No religion, gift giving or flag waving necessary. Everyone just have a good time while pretending to be someone (or something) else!

It’s soon to be all Hallows Eve,
A day for which some still believe
Black magic abounds,
But now it’s just sounds
Of  ‘trick or treat!’ some candy please?

I’ve got ghosts and monsters galore
All standing in front of my door
Expecting a treat,
But who’s under that sheet?
I think I’ve seen that one before!

and for adults…

Sexy witch, sexy cat, sexy maid
All assume lot’s of skin is displayed.
While candy is dandy
The trick if you’re randy
Is a treat that unwrapped gets you laid.



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