Enter Paul Ryan, Exit Sanity

The GOP has picked Paul Ryan as the running mate for Mitt Romney. They’re like two pigs in a poke. A couple of multi-millionaires trying to pass themselves off as ‘regular Joe’s’. Not going to happen. These guys are bought and paid for by corporate America. Hopefully, the American public is catching on to the fact that the Republican party is not interested in the well being of the country but only the well being of the Republican party. One can only hope.

With the country in a state of ill health
The Republicans hope via stealth
To win the election
And extend the protection
For those blessed with privilege and wealth.

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One Response to Enter Paul Ryan, Exit Sanity

  1. johninlynn says:

    There was a candidate named Mit
    Who had said he did not give a shit
    About those poor and sick
    So he looked like a prick
    Now we’re stuck on the government tit!

    But I voted for more government teat…

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