Tebow and Denver – A Match Made in Heaven

How about those Denver Broncos? Pittsburgh was no match for Tim Tebow and his ‘friends in high places’. Maybe Jesus really does watch football! In the past we only saw his work in the 4th quarter but yesterday he showed up in the 2nd. Must have been a slow day or maybe…


Jesus had hoped he could go
Skiing, but where was the snow?
With Tahoe still warmin’
And Utah still Mormon
He ended in Denver with Tebow.

Tim Tebow

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3 Responses to Tebow and Denver – A Match Made in Heaven

  1. johninlynn says:

    Tebow’s glad his mom didn’t abort’em
    So he’ll preach all in earshot to boredom
    His ilk forbids you screw
    And would use his fame to
    Write the constitution’s post mortem

  2. says:

    Not bad…not bad at all!

  3. johninlynn says:

    Player safety the league’s been botching
    As a fan one’s conscience needs squashing
    When football helmets clang
    You can’t help a guilt pang
    It wouldn’t happen if we weren’t watching

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