How Not To Get A Monkey Off Your Back

Banana-Sam, the missing squirrel monkey, has been returned to the San Francisco zoo. He was kidnapped? two nights ago and a reward was posted for his return. A man walked into the police station and told officers he spotted the monkey in a park and managed to coax it into his backpack. Unfortunately, the zoo’s assistant curator of primates says that’s “not likely”. Squirrel monkeys are skittish and not the type to willingly hop into a backpack. The police also thought the story sounded a little suspicious so no reward money has been given out. The man who found him may have turned in one monkey, but now has another monkey on his back.

Banana Sam was a little to spunky
And the story a little to funky
So instead of an ending
The reward is still pending
As the business of capture sounds monkey.

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  1. raven says:

    i think i might have seen ur monkey

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