A Stock Market Rally By Any Other Name

The Stock Market is on a tear the last few days with another hollow promise from our fearless leaders. A group of Central Bankers have indicated they will act swiftly if things start going to sh*t. I don’t know whether to be relieved they’re on alert or concerned that they HAVE to be on alert. I think the market just wants a Santa Clause rally come hell or high water. Or maybe instead of a rally, what we all really want…

With Central Banks planning injection
The stock markets reached an inflection.
We hope it’s inspired
And not overly tired
To regain a growing erection.

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One Response to A Stock Market Rally By Any Other Name

  1. Charles Ulysses Feney says:

    Financial Crime Bosses To Suffer Cranial Losses!

    In light of current economic facts,
    We need to amend the Patriot Acts
    To cover financial crimes
    In these desperate times
    And give derivative pirates the Axe!

    This economic demolition was intentional
    Created by banking products unconventional
    Huge bonuses for the bosses
    Then they socialize the losses
    Manipulating markets in ways indefensible

    Let us expand the definition of “terror”:
    Include those who profit from banking error.
    If you commit financial crime
    You’ll do Guantanamo time,
    For no longer will the people be last debt bearer.

    And to those who engineered this Debt Machine,
    And were compensated at rates truly obscene,
    We’ll hold a trial fair
    In a televised public square
    And then introduce them to Madame Guillotine!
    Charles Ulysses Feney ©

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