Will The Occupy Protest Head To Florida?

The Occupy protest seems to be losing some support especially here on the west coast. Their nebulous demands don’t lend themselves to a quick solution, or for that matter, any solution at all. While they may be a part of the 99%, they can’t claim to represent a group that large and diverse. Regardless, their momentum now will mostly be determined by whether then can weather the weather.

Though I can’t tell which way the winds blowing
The Occupy protest is growing,
But despite what’s been said
There’s trouble ahead
When winter comes and it starts snowing.

Occupy Wall Street

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One Response to Will The Occupy Protest Head To Florida?

  1. Charles Ulysses Feney says:

    The Flea Circus

    George Soros’ hired a bunch of tongue waggers
    Are really just student loan slaggers
    But they now Occupy
    A place in the public eye:
    In America they’re known as the Flea Baggers.

    For the most part, they don’t know what’s protestable,
    And the police don’t even think they’re arrestable
    But these political half wits
    Whom KGB called “useful idiots”
    Had better shower soon, because they’re smellin’ detestable!

    They text out messages from their IPhone
    For the corporations to leave them alone,
    (And a GodFather’s pepperoni on provalone!)
    They’ll only say thanks
    To the bourgeoisie banks
    If they’re forgiven their entire student loan!

    Yes these hippies are fit for the fight,
    ‘Cept they don’t know their left from their right.
    They’re gonna “End the Fed”,
    And Elvis ain’t dead,
    And Bigfoot came out dancing last night!

    So if you find yourself politically pissed,
    Look for an ad in your local Craig’s List
    ‘Cause you can be paid
    To protest, and get laid
    Just turn that limp wrist into a clenched fist,
    And become a part of Soros'”color” charade!
    Charles Ulysses Feney

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