Terrorists Are Lightweights, China Is The Real Threat

I get frustrated with our overt fear of terrorist attacks. All they’ve ever been able to do is sneak up every ten years and blow up a building or two. Now I don’t like to see that happen and the 9/11 attacks were a tragedy, but terrorists will never, I repeat never, threaten the stability or integrity of our country. They’re just small groups of zealots who will always be around and we just have to deal with it. The real threat is China!

They have the capability and desire to do significantly more damage to our country. It’s currently being played out in cyberspace so it’s mostly invisible and the human cost is negligible, but we shouldn’t be lulled into complacency. They know the best way to damage our country is from within. In the future, a Chinese virus might be more deadly than an American bomb.

The source of our countries unease
Is a fear of Islamic draftees,
But a much bigger threat
Sneaks in on the Net
As a hacker who’s speaking Chinese.

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