Does God Know About Somalia?

Why isn’t God in Somalia? They’ve been beaten down, impoverished, starved, shot, macheted and now blown up. If any country deserves some help, this is it. Of course it will never happen. God is a perennial no show. Which begs the question, if he’s not going to help Somalia, who will he help?

There once was a God who all seeing
Insisted we worship his being,
But pray as we might
For help with our plight
Did not guarantee our wellbeing.

Which then begs the question as why
To worship this eye in the sky,
If he never prevents
The chain of events
Then he’s neither a friend or ally.

So we’re sliding down life’s slippery slope
With no help from a preacher or Pope
And it seems even Jesus
Just does what he pleases
With no one to throw us a rope.

You can pine, you can whine or bemoan
The answers to questions unknown,
But we still have our brains
And a heart that contains
Enough love so we thrive on our own.

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