OnStar is Off Base

The folks at OnStar have risen to new heights of marketing madness. They track all kinds of data on your car such as performance, location, speed, etc. Problem is, when you unsubscribe to the service, they still track you anyway! Their lame excuse is “we have no plans to sell your info to any third parties, we just need to do a better job of communicating to our customers”.  Here’s an idea: don’t track people who unsubscribe and take it out of your Terms and Conditions! Sheeze…do they think we’re really that stupid? The service is way overpriced anyway and anyone who subscribes to it is a chump. We don’t always get what we pay for but often get what we deserve..

OnStar will track where you go
And pretend like it’s just status quo,
But while playing the savior
They’re tracking behavior
To sell it to others for dough.


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