This is One Cool (and Hot) Kat

Bad news in Hollywood relationship land. Kat Von D and Jesse James have broken up again. This one may be final. We’ll know for sure when she covers that tattoo of his name (if we can even tell!). I have to admit, though, I like all those tattoos and that deep sexy voice. She deserves better than that bonehead who cheated on Sandra Bullock. And what’s with the name…it sounds a bit lame…to be calling yourself Jesse James.

Their reunion has again fallin’ flat
And appears to be more than a spat,
If her clothes she won’t doff
With the wedding called off
It would seem that’s the last tit for tat.


Kat Von D

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One Response to This is One Cool (and Hot) Kat

  1. Charles Ulysses Feney says:

    I would eat near a mile of her scat
    For a chance to get close to Miss Cat!
    What I wouldn’t do
    To inspect her tattoo
    And enjoy myself chewing the fat!

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