Perry versus Perry

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has decided to run for President. I don’t know what’s worse, that he’s decided to run or that some people  would actually vote for him. In case you missed it, he led Texans in a ‘day of prayer’ at a local stadium. The country needs him like we need another asshole. You’d think one more wouldn’t make a difference but think George W. Bush. 70% of the current deficit is a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Bush tax cuts. He left us in a dark and smelly place. We need more than prayer to get us out.

In Texas where it’s pardner not matey
They think all they do is so weighty.
Like Perry, who thinks he
Is President to be
But the only good Perry is Katy.

Rick Perry

He'll pray for us...

Katy Perry

but we'll pray for her!

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One Response to Perry versus Perry

  1. Charles Ulysses Feney says:

    Rumors of Strange Bed Fellows in Texas in 2004

    A Texas RINO Governor named Rick Perry
    Got busted bedding his State Secretary.
    His wife couldn’t handle
    The thought of a scandal
    Like Idaho’s “wide stance” Senator Larry!

    Perry likes to pray, and talk about straight Texas Honor
    But his wife caught him with Sec. of State Geoff Connor.
    His wife felt disgraced
    That she’d been displaced
    ‘Cause Rick spent way more time off her than on her!

    Soon after the sordid tale hit the press
    The Bilderburgers stepped in to suppress
    All these gay Perry rumors
    Which are electoral tumors
    So they brought in “The Rove” for finesse.

    Karl issued an immediate repudiation
    And arranged Goeff Connor’s resignation
    ‘Cause the Bilderburg’s goal
    Of a Perry Presidential role
    Won’t be blocked by Rick’s back door infatuation.

    When Perry prays, he’s only playin’ you for a fool
    For he only practices the top half of the Golden Rule.
    He now awaits his chance
    To “widen out” his stance
    And as President, offer to push in America’s stool!
    You should keep a Perry Limerick contest open – I’ve got more in the oven!

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