The Power of the Boob

It’s been a tough week for humor. Nothing but people getting killed or stupid politicians. But after long hours of searching I’ve finally found a worthy topic…boobs! Special thanks to Denise Richards and her whining about why she regretted her boob jobs. Who cares! The one reason she didn’t mention was they attracted Charlie Sheen and we all know how well that worked out. If you’d like less whining and more useful information about boobs then try this excellent article on Ah yes…boobs…can’t live without ’em and can’t grow ’em.

The Boob has mysterious power
With both good and evil to shower,
Just know that your fate
Depends on your date
And whether you’re plucking her flower.

Some women obsess on the size
Of their boobs ’cause they know that the guys
Are drawn to largesse
But it’s under their dress
Where they hide the most coveted prize.

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