Is Jesus In Trouble With the IRS?

I love it when politicians start talking about God. It’s like a contest to see who is the most devout and can lay claim to knowing ‘the will of God’. I can’t see why God would ever need a Will but, without a wife, everything must go to Jesus. Maybe that’s why Jesus has not yet returned. He needs the inheritance to pay off 2000 years worth of back taxes!

When the candidate beseeched the Lord
His favorable ratings had soared,
But though God worked for gratis
His tax-exempt status
Was revoked by the IRS board.

So as not to be undone by taxes
His amended return tried to max his
Shelters and deductions
Which earned him reductions
Using ideas that were all Goldman Sachs-es.

god and money

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3 Responses to Is Jesus In Trouble With the IRS?

  1. Billy Jones says:

    Great limerick, Mr Lim! Fantastic subject matter.

  2. Kirashi says:

    Hey! Don’t talk about God that way!! You’re suppose to respect him!! Anyways… it’s a really good limrick poem! But don’t make jokes about God, because soon they will return to you! And if you need any explaination about anything, I will help you! Just don’t talk about him that way, it’s … well, it sounds bad!

  3. says:

    If God is as wonderful as everyone seems to think then surely he must have a good sense of humor. Given some of the ridiculous things we do in his name, he might just be laughing his butt off. So I’m not laughing at him, I’m laughing with him.

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