The Future Is Not Bright For Texas

When it comes to stupid politicians, Texas ranks right up there with Arizona. It’s always the ideological conservatives that are at the forefront when the stupid train rolls in. This time it’s a backlash against new energy saving light bulbs. That’s right…light bulbs! They view this as an intrusion of the federal government into everyday life. With all the serious issues surrounding us today you might think there is something more important on which to make a stand. Apparently not for Rep. Joe L. Barton (R-Texas.) who’s leading the repeal effort. He was recently quoted on Fox News: “I do thank the Lord that I live in Texas.” So do we!

The thought of new bulbs is so grim
You’d think they were asked for a limb,
But if knowledge is light
The futures not bright
As the leaders in Texas are dim.

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