He Wished It Was An Oscar Meyer Weiner

Wow! Another politician taken down by the almighty penis. Is it something in the water? The fact that his name is Weiner only adds to the humor of the situation. Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught Tweeting a picture of his genitalia. How stupid is that? Then he tried to lie his way out saying his Twitter account had been hacked. Just goes to show that the cream does not rise to the top…unless you’re a dick.

The congressman Anthony Weiner
Should have shown a more classy demeanor,
But his behavior instead
Came from the head
Not on his neck but his weener.

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2 Responses to He Wished It Was An Oscar Meyer Weiner

  1. Jesius says:

    The congressman never had seen her
    But he got the idea he would tweeter
    So he stripped off his clothes
    Then he snapped a quick pose
    And she got a good look at A. Weiner

  2. says:

    Thanks for the great limerick! I love the double meaning finish “A. Weiner”. Priceless!

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