Let Charlie Sheen be Charlie Sheen

I hope everyone’s done picking on Charlie Sheen. He is certainly no saint but who is…and who would want to be? The guy knows how to live large and for those that don’t agree with his lifestyle…who cares? Many people like to see celebrities fall and Charlie Sheen sometimes looks like a slow-motion train wreck but his friends and co-stars stick with him. That tells you something about the man that we on the outside don’t know.

His relationships seem a bit gnarley
And he still likes his girls and his Harley,
So don’t count him out when
There’s Two and a Half Men
‘Cause the sheen hasn’t yet worn off Charlie.

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3 Responses to Let Charlie Sheen be Charlie Sheen

  1. W.M. Dawes says:

    Charlie Sheen says he’s all about “Winning.”
    No remorse for all his flagrant sinning.
    He once showed such promise;
    With DNA from Adonis.
    Now his many detractors are grinning.

  2. says:

    Well done!

  3. W.M. Dawes says:

    Thanks very much! I have lots of other limericks on my blog: LustyLimericks.blogspot.com. Would love to hear your comments (and those of your readers as well)!

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