Food Fights May Take on a Whole New Meaning

The debate on the relative benefits of using corn-based ethanol in gasoline are difficult to decipher. Both sides present their ‘facts’ that never agree. The devil is always in the data. My concern is broader. Many civilizations throughout history have failed after depleting their biological support structure. For example, some failed after cutting down all the trees for fuel then watching the subsequent rains erode the crops thereby depleting the food supply. I’m not sure we know where we’re going by replacing petroleum with biofuels. The cure could be worse than the ailment.

A great read on past civilizations and why they disappeared is ‘Collapse’ by Jared Diamond. His other book, ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’  is another great read on how western civilization achieved it’s dominance. His theories are surprisingly simple and straight forward. I highly recommend both of these books. You can buy below or check your local library.

The concept had always seemed hazy
With supporters just mentally lazy
And paying no heed
To their unfettered greed,
Turning food into fuel is just crazy.

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