Valentines Day Limerick Poems

Here are some special limericks for Valentines. When love is in the air, nothing works better than poetry (except maybe jewelry).  Some are sweet and some are bawdy. Happy Valentines Day!

If I eat all the candy you’ve bought
I’m afraid that the goal that I sought
Of getting myself slimmer
Will be just a glimmer
And my time at the gym all for naught.

A Valentine is someone that we
Hold special and hope that they see,
How oft they beguile
With a glance and a smile
That keeps our heart pining for thee.

O Valentine, you’re special to me
In ways that you maybe don’t see
But today if by chance
I get in your pants
I’ll show you what ‘special’ can be.

On Valentines Day I’m eschewing
Any pretense for what we’ll be doing.
The cards and the candy
Are just fine and dandy
But I’d rather get on with the screwing.

This morning on breakfast we’ll dine
And after I hope we’ll entwine
In lustful embrace
Where souls interlace,
You’re more than just my Valentine.


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