Pittsburgh and Green Bay are Super Bowl Bound

There were some good football games this weekend. The first half of both games was rather lopsided but second half rallies led both to exciting finishes. It should be a well contested Super Bowl. I’m neutral except for the bet with my wife. Go Pittsburgh!

Fate has just pulled in it’s feelers
To turn events over to dealers
Who’ll work out the spread
For the big game ahead,
The Super Bowl – Packers and Steelers.

Green Bay HelmetPittsburgh Helmet

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2 Responses to Pittsburgh and Green Bay are Super Bowl Bound

  1. Sam says:

    Awesome but the Packers rule…………….
    And you were so owned this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. says:

    Ooops…my cheese head comment filter must be broken. I wouldn’t say ‘owned’ as it came down to the last 2 minutes. Still, I had to pay a losing bet to my wife ;- ((.

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