TSA Will Now Check Your Package

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) does not make me feel any safer on airlines. They always introduce new security checks AFTER someone has been caught. Now they feel the need to check everyone’s underware. What happens when the next terrorist wraps the explosives around his penis?  If your ‘package’ is too big, they might think you’re packin’.

The TSA fails to enthuse
With their ‘grope check’ security ruse.
They’re always behind
And lucky to find
A bowling ball stuck with a fuse.

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3 Responses to TSA Will Now Check Your Package

  1. TMorales says:

    A passenger who looked like a punk,
    Arrived at the airport, acting drunk.
    He said No to the scan,
    But TSA had a plan,
    And they wound up touching his junk.

  2. says:

    Ha ha…..Not bad…not bad at all! Thanks for sharing your ‘junk’.

  3. Charles Ulysses Feney says:

    Not a limerick, but topical!

    A Big TSA Supporter

    To those men who are sick of the Nazi TSA
    I offer a solution to this affront of the day
    Report to the screening, with your boarding pass
    Covering your jewels, but baring your ass!

    Just take off your clothing, your shoes, and your socks
    And go thru security with a well framed buttocks.
    Yes, all of us fellows, who are fed up with this crap
    Should report for boarding, wearing a smile and a jock strap!

    Tightey whiteys or boxers aren’t the means to these ends
    And all of you old guy will need to lose the Depends!
    But don’t show up naked, or you’ll be under arrest
    So just wear a jockstrap to this airport protest

    Then refuse the scanner, and opt for the pat down
    Just ask for a cleanup on the seat where you sat down.
    If they want a good look at what little you’ve protected
    Just lift up your package, to get thoroughly inspected!

    The crowds will be astonished and totally impressed
    Because you’ve made the effort to be minimally dressed.
    If you happen to get interviewed by a TV reporter
    Be sure to proudly tell them, you’re a big T.S.A. supporter!

    Were supposed to be Americans, and not live in fear
    Instead of getting felt up from your front to your rear
    So show ’em you’re not gonna stand for this farce
    Just put on your jockstrap, and show ’em your arse!
    Charles Ulysses Feney

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