Military Now Gay Friendly?

The Military can’t seem to get it’s arms around this whole gay problem. Don’t ask, don’t tell? What’s it all mean? As far as I’m concerned, anybody that’s willing to take a bullet ( or shrapnel from an IED) for our country should be allowed to do so regardless of their sexual orientation. Hopefully, this new ruling will help ‘deflate’ this problem.

The Army would like to prolong
Your service enlistment as long
As you never tell
What causes a swell
And rush of new blood to your schlong.

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One Response to Military Now Gay Friendly?

  1. Charles Ulysses Feney says:

    The Perry Military Comes Out

    Since Obama dumped “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”,
    The Marines have been going through Hell.
    Imagine what comes to mind
    When you hear “We don’t leave our Marines behind”
    And “looking for a few good men” now rings a different bell!

    Yet the Navy didn’t have the same kind of trouble.
    They made their changes “Aye, Aye, and on the double”!
    Their anthem “Anchors Away”
    Got changed to “Y.M.C.A.” ,
    And the Lava soap has been replaced with “Mr. Bubble”!

    The Army wants to avoid this slippery slope,
    Developing strategies to help the soldiers cope.
    For the cadre to be effectual
    They must be more metrosexual
    And new recruits must now be issued soap on a rope!

    But for Republican troops, these changes will be scary,
    ‘Cause there’s some skeletons even grave diggers can’t bury!
    Soon their candidate will flout
    His flaming desire to come out
    After he’s elected, and gets sworn as President Perry!

    Yes, gay military will toast that merry day
    With bottles of Champagne and Perrier!
    They’ll dance for all to see,
    Just like they do in “Gay Paree”
    When the newspapers proclaim that Perry’s Gay!
    Charles Ulysses Feney

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