World Cup Glory but FIFA Fumbles

The USA’s Wold Cup dreams came crashing down on Saturday.  A tough loss to Ghana ended their run. They had their chances and played well but a couple of defensive mistakes sealed their fate. I did not realized until afterward that Ghana booted us out of the tournament last time as well (2006). That’s the making of a serious grudge but it’ll have to wait until the next World Cup in 2014.

The strikers from Ghana made moot
Of the USA’s World Cup pursuit.
Though tied at the end
We could not defend
And their last goal then gave us the boot.

The referee’s did another particularly poor job in both the Germany-England and Argentina-Mexico games. They keep missing key plays that can easily affect the outcome of the game. A clear goal by England was dissallowed because the ref couldn’t see it. The time has passed to use technology to review key plays. FIFA needs to get off their high horse and get with the program for the good of the game.

Germany had England in the hole
By quickly twice finding their goal.
Then an English comeback
Ran sadly off track
When the ref missed a goal off the pole.

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