Open Season on Japanese Whalers (and World Cup Soccer)

Once again Japan stands alone in opposing any restriction or ban on whaling. There is no reason to hunt whales. Not for oil or meat or anything else. It’s a small group of stubborn people in a small, stubborn nation. If you could get people to boycott Toyota’s or Playstation’s then this practice would end in a heartbeat. That’s not likely to happen so all we have left is the Sea Sheperds. I’ll bet their show on TLC will be renewed for another couple of seasons.

Japan seems intent upon whaling
Though all of the world is still railing
Against the abuse
Of the ‘research’ excuse,
It gives the Sea Shepard’s clear sailing.

No post is complete without a World Cup Limerick. Best of luck to my fans in Ghana…you’ll need it!

The U.S. and Ghana will meet
In a World Cup match to compete
For a chance to advance
And surely enhance
Their place in the Football elite.

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