FOMC or the World Cup

The FOMC decided today to keep interest rates steady. No big surprise given the headwinds to growth (e.g. Europe) and the lack of new jobs. We seem to be in a holding pattern waiting for the next ray of sunshine or the other shoe to drop. So let’s all stop agonizing about a future we can’t see anyway and celebrate the big win for the U.S. Soccer team!

Seems keeping rates low is just fine
As Bernanke today did opine.
With growth that’s still slow
And jobs a no-show
The fear is we wither on the vine.

In the World Cup the U.S. won big
And left us all dancing a jig.
They made us all sweat
Before finding the net,
Now we’re off to the knockout round gig.

Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan

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