More World Cup Soccer

I warned you more World Cup soccer limericks were coming. Here’s a new batch based on the most recent results. Enjoy!

France has had a lot of success in prior World Cup tournaments so they don’t take losing lightly…

The World Cup is just like a dance
Where all of the girls have a chance.
In the past they won all
But this time they fall
As Mexico beats mighty France.

The French team is losing the race
To advance and extend their Cup chase.
The teams disarray
Is now on display
With no thought of losing with grace.

The US made a great comeback against Slovenia and should have won except for a blown call by the referee. They need to win their next game to advance (or have England lose). It’s not over yet!

The U.S. was thought to be dead
As down 2 was too big a spread.
But a second half rally
Evened the tally
So they’re still hanging on by a thread.

Germany is another strong team that has struggled to show their dominance. They’re not in as bad shape as France but their last loss to Serbia was a shocker and should be a wake-up call.

Serbia’s Group of Death feat
Has got to be tasting so sweet.
Twas a goalie who caught
A penalty shot
And the Germans went down to defeat.

Italy were the winners in the last World Cup but have struggled this time with two ties. They need a win to advance to the next level (or a tie and a New Zealand loss).

Italy, another big name
Has yet to bring on their best game.
Their points total two
So you have to construe
Their championship play has gone lame.

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