Best Apple Bashing Limericks

I love bashing Apple. There is too much zealotry around this company both inside and out.

The Apple faithful just love their new toys,
You can tell from their pandering noise.
With devotees prodigious
It’s almost religious.
At least they’re not abusing young boys.

Steve Jobs has been known to deliver
The products that make us all quiver
Though the iPod and iPhone
Are nothing to moan
I can’t wait for the new iLiver.

Finally, you can get the iPad
And see if the real thing will add
A different perspective
Than the Apple collective.
Is it fruitful or just an iFad?

Not a limerick but one of my personal favorites.

Our Father who art in Cupertino,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy products come,
Thy marketing be done,
In Best Buy as it is in Walmart.
Give us this day a new ‘i’ something.
And forgive us our Zune and Windows,
As we forgive Microsoft.
And lead us not into an open architecture,
But deliver us from Google.
For thine is the iPhone, the iMac and iPod for ever.

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