Best Sex Limericks

This was a funny story about a wife who could not remember just having sex with her husband.

Said a wife after sex “who are you?
I can’t seem to remember our screw.
I’m no longer turned on
And my headache is gone.
It must have been good for me too.”

Some researchers with too much time on their hands.

It seems that the phrase we ‘had sex’
Is suddenly much more complex.
I supposed ‘getting laid’
Will have to be weighed
To see if it too will perplex.

No one buys the ‘small’ size condoms.

An ill-fitting condom in tatters
Will create undesirable splatters.
I’m sure you’ll agree
Good fit is the key,
So here is where size really matters.

This guy is a complete idiot…and he’s still the Governor.

Some think that there is nothing finer
Than a sweet Argentina vagina.
If you take me to task
I’ll just have you ask
The Governor of South Carolina.

The guy is a complete idiot (Tiger)…but he’s still a good golfer.

On the course, he’s in total command
But at night he’s a slave to his gland.
Instead of a thrust
To fulfill his lust,
He should have just lent it a hand.

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