Best Weird and Stupid Limericks


Some Somalia pirates, thought sly,
Were caught when their attack went awry.
Their target ahead
Was French Navy instead.
Their patch must have been on the wrong eye.

Another Oops when these pilots overran their airport and had to turn around.

Their excuses are getting quite worn
And viewed with derision and scorn.
The pilots won’t say
What led them astray
But I think they were surfing for porn.

He must have taken hiding lessons from Saddam Hussein!

The leader of a Mafia group,
Was caught by police in a swoop
On a small poultry farm.
He heard no alarm
As the chickens had all ‘flown the coop’

How come every time a devout Christian screws up it’s a test? I didn’t know God was so big on pop quizzes.

She had hoped to win Miss USA
But her plans went famously astray.
If showing her breasts
Was one of God’s tests,
Did she flunk or did she get an ‘A’?

This is just weird.

What’s the purpose in keeping the bones
From a person who’s famously known?
It macabre at best
And my only guess
Is we’re planning to make him a clone.

This is just sad…but damn funny!

By all looks she was kind and appeared
A Muslim young women who neared
Her wedding night bed
‘Til the veil on her head,
Was removed and uncovered her beard.

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