Best Religious Limericks

I can’t heap enough scorn on the Catholic Church.

The Catholic church as we know
Can stage quite an intricate show.
Pomp and incense,
Doesn’t have to make sense
‘Cause they’re making it up as they go.

Believing in God is not that same as practicing Religion.

Religion, though thought an adviser
Instead is much more like a miser.
Holding to scripture
Despite the wrong picture,
It’s older but not any wiser.

Every Religion has their holy books but they can’t all be right.

If Bibles for porn have been traded
You might think that terribly jaded.
Holy word or just prose?
No one really knows,
So it’s hard to tell when they’re degraded.

The leaders of the Muslim faith should be held responsible for the hate they preach.

The trouble with Islam is Clerics
Whose goal is to foster hysterics.
Threaten their power
And then watch them cower
And inflame other men to barbarics.

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