Best Political Limericks

The finally got Health Care legislation passed but it was looking dicey for awhile.

Health Care reform’s in a funk
It’s once broad support, now shrunk
Voters by far
Prefer cash for a car
How ironic if it ends with a clunk.

There is no accounting for the nut-bags in Arizona.

The spaceship lit by it’s corona
Suggested a foreign persona.
So do we embrace
This alien race?
Or direct them towards Arizona.

There is no accounting for why we’re still in Afghanistan.

Genghis Khan, the Russians and Brits,
All invaded and then called it quits.
A small piece of turf
On the ass of the Earth.
Afghanistan keeps giving us fits.

Every time you try to change something in Washington there’s always some group of Congressmen opposed.

Said Obama, “no man-on-the-moon,
It’s time to be changing our tune.”
To see their pork barrel
Put in such peril
Has Congressmen starting to swoon.

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2 Responses to Best Political Limericks

  1. jonathan says:

    these are funny poems but i like (my!) poem
    Obama Promised more work
    But now its more biserk
    with 10% unemploment
    there is no enjoment
    as nothing of obama’s has worked

  2. says:

    Other than the rhyme, meter, spelling and boring punch line…that’s a good limerick 😉

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