Best Business Limericks

I wrote this one back in December…the last time Facebook changed its privacy policies.

“We improved it” says Facebook to users,
While fending off other accusers.
But they’re nothing but tricks
For trying to get clicks
‘Cause they’re not making money on schmoozers.

Expanding offshore drilling is dead. End of discussion.

I think the conclusions foregone
Some idioms must be withdrawn.
The first one to kill
Is drill baby drill
‘Cause that one is gone baby gone.

This was amusing. The government approved a space heater with a feather duster glued to the top.

The EnergyStar label should say,
“In no way should this label convey
We’ve checked out as green
Or even have seen
The product you see on display”.

I wrote this a while back but posted it right before the recent stock market swoon.

The trend is your friend ’till the end
And often it’s straining to send,
A message that’s clear
“Get out of here!”
The only part missing is ‘when’.

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