Best Sports Limericks

I don’t agree with what Michael Vick did to those dogs but many players have done much worse with little or no punishment.

There once was a fellow named Vick
Whose legalese wasn’t that slick
No billions in fraud
He bet fighting dogs
And fetched the short end of the stick.

Soon after the Olympic Committee selected Rio then riots erupted between gangs and Police.

My picture of Rio’s not pretty.
A crowed and crime-ridden city.
Gang wars affirm
There’s reason to squirm
Inside the Olympic Committee.

This ad-hoc golf course in the de-militarized zone is probably getting more attention and less play these days.

The course is between both Koreas
And to play it is no panacea
For the boredom and stress.
Still…the soldiers attest
‘Hats off’ to one crazy idea.

Saints win the Super Bowl! Enough said.

The Colts had their chances to score
But New Orleans came through with one more.
When the final gun sounded
The world was astounded,
The Saints aren’t the ain’ts anymore.

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