Health Care is Done. Get Over It.

I’m glad to see the Health Care bill pass. How it will affect people down the line is mostly unknown because there are too many variables for anyone to be able to predict with any certainty. What I do know is that something had to change. This is what the GOP fails to see and what will become evident in November when they don’t regain control of Congress.

The majority of the people wanted a change to the status quo. Conservatives are afraid of change (hence the name) and fight it at every turn. Yet, despite their wails of doom and gloom, life goes on. The wheels turn, progress is made and the sun rises to a new day that is just a little bit different from the last. You can fight it, but it’s ultimately a losing battle.

Health Care has come to fruition
Despite all the loud opposition.
The party of ‘no’
Gave it a go,
But ‘yes’ was the country’s volition.

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