Tiger to Come Out of Hiding for The Masters

Tiger’s coming back! Let the media frenzy begin. Now we get to hear everybody’s (and I mean everybody’s) opinion all over again. It’ll be fun to see the paparazzi vs. the old curmudgeons that run the Masters. I’ll put my money on the old guys. They’ll keep a lid on things inside the grounds but outside promises to be a real zoo. We’ll see if this tiger can make the adjustment.

The media just loves when it plasters
The airwaves with Tiger’s disasters.
They’ll gear up again
‘Cause now we know ‘when’,
He’ll come back to play in the Masters.

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2 Responses to Tiger to Come Out of Hiding for The Masters

  1. ratag says:

    I like it, its an awesome pem

  2. ratag says:

    sorry i meant “poem”

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