I Miss the Olympics Already

I miss the Olympics already…although every time I tried to watch I just got disgusted with NBC. I’ll leave that alone for now. The Olympics are a singular international event that brings people together from all over the world. If we could solve our political problems with sporting games we’d all be a lot better off. The Winter games are not quite as popular given that many countries don’t have winter but the feeling of camaraderie and shared experience is still there. And in the end…a gold medal is still a gold medal. Kudos to the Canadians for putting on a spectacular event!

The Winter Olympics have past
And for some it was glory at last.
While others saw pain
All stood to gain,
From the drama that plays unsurpassed.

The Winter games show us concisely
The things that you must do precisely,
To take home the gold.
But the best to behold
Is what happens when all can play nicely.

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