The Ides of March is Coming

I just finished a good series of books about Julius Caesar by Conn Iggulden. I like to read history but it’s usually too dry so I opt for historical fiction. A good author like Conn, can create a story around historical events and people that makes it much more interesting and downright entertaining.

I’ve wandered off in this direction as March begins because the Ides of March was the day Caesar was killed (not only Brutus but a whole bunch of others participated…see how much I learned!). “Beware the Ides of March” was supposedly told to Caesar as warning of his future death. Who knows if it’s really true but even historians can’t resist a good catch-phrase.

Julius Caesar influenced afar,
With his name as the source for a ‘Czar’.
An Oscar award
With Brando aboard
Then made him a Hollywood star.

Emperor: The Gates of Rome: A Novel of Julius Caesar (The Emperor Series)

Emperor: The Death of Kings: A Novel of Julius Caesar (The Emperor Series)

Emperor: The Field of Swords (The Emperor)

Emperor: The Gods of War: A Novel of Julius Caesar

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