A Muslim Surprise package

Serves him right! Marrying a women he’s never seen because of those ridiculous head-to-toe garments.  I wonder how many other Muslim men are surprised on their wedding night. She wore a niqab. The only opening was slits for her eyes. Who knows what lurks under there. Warts, weight, a tail…a penis! Transvestites could have a field day over there.

By all looks she was kind and appeared
A Muslim young women who neared,
Her wedding night bed
‘Til the veil on her head,
Was removed and uncovered her beard.

Bearded Muslim woman

Out on the town............Home reading the Koran

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2 Responses to A Muslim Surprise package

  1. Fayez says:

    You are ridicules and sexually morally oppressed and in need of medication plus lots of sleep…

  2. says:

    and don’t forget damn funny!

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