Toyota Hits the Brakes

Toyota’s really taking on the chin with this massive recall due to faulty gas pedals. At least they were smart enough to stop selling any more cars. I can’t imagine the number of lawsuits that await them, not to mention the blow to their image as a quality car maker. The good news is I don’t hear any excuses. They admitted to the problem, stopped production and sales and are committed to making the fix. When Ford and Firestone faced a recall in 2000 it took the government to identify the problem and force the issue. That’s why people will still buy Toyota’s instead of Fords.

The stock of Toyota is taking
A beating ’cause pedals are breaking
Apart, as opposed
To stopping and those
Who own them are feeling some aching.

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3 Responses to Toyota Hits the Brakes

  1. Dave says:

    NO excuses? They were first notified of problems in 2007. They kept blaming it on “driver error for pressing the wrong pedal”. Then they blamed it on incorrectly installed floormats. They even hired a former employee of the NHTSA and he convinced his former agency to exclude from their investigation any occurrence of sudden acceleration lasting more than 1 or 2 seconds, which delayed at least two recalls for months, if not years, and probably cost several lives and many more injuries!

  2. Dave says:

    Toyota’s recall of the brake pedals was ALSO forced by the government, according to a government statement denying that Toyota took this action voluntarily!

  3. says:

    You’re right. After more reading it’s clear Toyota bungled this one (so did I). I made the same mistake with Tiger …I thought he was getting milk for the baby ;-). I remember when Japanese execs would humble themselves before employees and stockholders when they made a mistake. I think they’re getting Americanized…i.e. deny all knowledge and screw ’em all until we can’t get away with it any longer. It’s one of our most popular exports.

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