New Orleans Goes Marching In

It’s cinderella time for the New Orleans Saints. Enjoy the party! I remember the first time my Denver Broncos went to the Superbowl after years and years of losing seasons. You feel a rush of excitement and a sense of relief all at the same time. We’ve joined the club…we’ve arrived. Of course we lost the Superbowl to Dallas who had been there many times before but no matter. The Broncos went on to keep winning and finally got that first Superbowl victory. We won’t know how this one plays out for another two weeks but either way, the New Orleans Saints have crossed a threshold. Savor the moment. I wish them the best of luck…they’re gonna need it!

New Orleans came away with a win
As poor Brett took it hard on the chin.
With a Super Bowl coming
The fans will be humming
“When the Saints
Go (at last) Marching In’.

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