NBC Buys New Desk for $45 Million

Once the dust settles, we’ll be right back where we started with Jay Leno and the Tonight show. NBC can’t figure out what went wrong with his new show. They think it was the earlier time slot. Wrong…the show was missing the desk! Having Jay and the guest sitting in those butt ugly chairs like they were in my living room was a non-starter.  There was nothing to lean on, bounce a pencil or hold a coffee cup. So instead of spending a few hundred dollars on a new desk, the brass at NBC buy-out Conan O’Brian for $45 million to get his desk. Needless to say, these guys are not the ‘sharpest pencils in the box’.

NBC has been slogging away
To get back the old time slot for Jay.
You can have what you will
For forty-five mil.
That’s the size of Conan’s payday

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